Angular/React vs Ios

Hi , I was doing internship as a Angular dev and I really like JavaScript and TypeScript nowadays besides office job I am learning React.js. My internship ended on 24th december 2019 but they extended it for 2 months and yesterday i got permanent , But my company wants me to shift into ios now I have a little knowledge of swift as well , My motive was to be full stack but now if i enter into ios I will be stuck on Client side , I just need suggestions can I learn node.js besides ios? do senior engineers do this? Any advice would be very helpful
Many Thanks

My advice is to talk to other engineers at your company. Find out how often people are changing projects and/or domains. Find out how many people at your company are doing full stack development. Your company asked you to shift and learn something new once, so that may be pretty common in your workplace.

Hi Ariel I asked them and they have recently shift from php to .NET core no other change, It’s not common here as this is a small in house software house of a Organization.

In that case, surely there isn’t going to be a whole lot of difference [in terms of you being on the client side of things] between Angular development and IOS development? By all means learn serverside development on Node, but why Node? Why not learn .Net Core, because then you’re have colleagues you can ask for help/advice, which will accelerate learning.

Hi Dan Yes I have no issue in learning .NET core but I don’t know why they don’t want to shift me at backend I have started learning Node on my own

Why would they have moved you from building GUIs to backend, was that something that was suggested that they would do? A significantly different set of skills are needed, so this doesn’t seem strange to me, especially if they’ve already skilled you up on Swift

Hi Dan yes in interview they told me that front end would be Angular and you’ll be working on backend .net Core , but now they are trying to adjust like where the need is. So that’s strange to me

I wouldn’t say it’s strange. It has to dependent on what the company needs, and if they need a native developer, then they’re going to try to train someone up. It takes a long time for someone to go from zero to productive, so it makes sense to ask you to focus on one thing (a beginner at swift and .Net is a lot less useful than someone good at one). As @ArielLeslie says you should talk to other engineers at the company, and make it clear that your long-term aim is to move to backend

Spoiler Alert: In the end React wins, IOS dies, story ends

This isn’t helpful.

Now if you expand upon why React would “win” (what does winning even look like?) and when or how one of the most valuable companies ever has their operating system die? Then maybe it could be helpful. Otherwise its just the usual “React is the best and will take over the world!” which is easy to spit out and blindly follow but isn’t actually very helpful.

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