Angular2 Final released

A little OT for FCC under the current philosophy of no official sanction for using anything other than React, but interesting nonetheless…

…especially if you had been trying to follow A2 tutorials while the ground kept shifting beneath your feet, like I was trying to for a while! That is not a newbie friendly way to get acquainted with a framework, I can tell you.

So, we now have a stable A2 - although I’m not sure if the docs are up to date yet.

Something new to fret about not knowing - What a time to be alive :slight_smile:

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I’ve been waiting for this after failing to do anything using Angular 1 (past year FCC MEAN stack section) and not wanting to get in React. Time to read some docs !

Now I can restart my Recipe Box from scratch for the 4th time. YAY!

Very excited about final release. My company has actually decided that we’re rewriting our entire app in A2 starting at the end of this month, so this announcement was a great relief over here. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

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I’m pretty sure that when the new curriculum launches there’s an asterisk under the React section that says something like “Use whichever front end framework that makes you happy”

I swear I saw this somewhere, Now I gotta dig for it.

Yeah, pretty sure I saw this in the upcoming curriculum. There will be a choice to do the projects in Angular or React, once the changes finally roll in.

I’m not really looking forward to learning Angular, which seems a bit hefty and massive (also I prefer React’s philosophy of letting developers write as much as possible using pure JS) but I’ll give it a try eventually. Need to give TypeScript a try anyway.

Yep, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks @P1xt.

Angular 2 stands miles apart from the first AngularJS. Although, they perform the same function, everything from the language to coding functions have changed to a point, where unfamiliarity with Angular is not going hinder your chances of understanding Angular 2. Its really great news that Angular2 has been released.

No, I’ve actually heard the opposite. If you know Angular1, it could actually make the transition harder for you.