Anime theme Survey Form

Anime themed survey form, passed all 17 test. Took me longer than I would have liked. It’s a little juvenile for my taste but I’m doing the best I can. I want to make it fully functional in a week or two. Anime Survey Form Let me know what you guys think.

you did a great job, but your colors are a bit bothering. maybe make them blend into each other a bit. Also, your <textArea> tag should have a placeholder of “comment here…” not a value of it. At all else, great job.

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It’s okay but as previously mentioned, the colors are very annoying. They don’t go well together and make your page difficult to read. Also;

  • run your code through a validator. <p> cannot be a child of <strong>
  • you use the same id more than once (id’s can only be used one time)
  • try to not use the <br> tag. Use margin and/or padding in CSS for styling
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button
  • and as mentioned previously, don’t put a value of ‘comment here’ in your textarea, use a placeholder


The problem with the colors is that the black and blue together do not have good contrast. It is always hard to select the right colors. I usually spend more time than I would like just on the color selection. How about a gradient, a background image, or stripes to replace the blue?

  • add font-family: inherit to textarea
  • get the input fields the same width and height
  • line up your checkboxes and radio buttons
  • use a fancy looking font or two

Made some changes based on you guys suggestions. Hopefully its better and a little bit more to your liking.