Anonymous message board feedback

I completed this project close to a month ago to get the “Legacy” Full-Stack cert, but I wanted to expand a bit on this to add to a portfolio. There are a few other features I’d like to add in the future, but not necessary for a portfolio project.

This is built using full MERN stack. I’d appreciate any possible feedback, and thank you in advance!

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I have nothing to complain about functionality (created a message and deleted it with the delete password and worked perfectly) but I’d give it some CSS polishing. That standard serif font looks a little 1998, and the positions of the elements on the message details page seem a bit random (the Reply textarea/Set Delete Password input/Reply button should be grouped together visually).
So, if you’re applying for a back end job, you’re spot on, but that front end needs a little help. Generally, great job though :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you! I do agree that the CSS definitely needs some work. I “neglected” the font and layout of the individual messages, and perhaps focused a little too heavily on aligning the new messages form as sensible as possible.

Nice job on making this.

The functionality is great but the design isn’t top-notch.
I would suggest adding some CSS styling and animations to make this look nice.

I would recommend Material Design Bootstrap to polish off the frontend, it works the same as normal bootstrap but the components have a super slick feel,