Another game - but this ones for the coursework

After submitting multiple games I made for fun, I decided to get back to work and take some more classes, only to find out that the final project for Infosec was a multiplayer game. I was so excited!

I’ve never done any type of networking, so this was a very fun challenge. Here’s the end result. Collect the coins, coin size denotes value, pick up the red projectile to fire it… best to open in two different browsers so you can shoot at something.

It can get really laggy with multiple people making inputs at the same time. As it was my first networked game I didn’t know how much I needed to worry about efficiency, for instance I used the socket ID, a long string, as the ID for each tank. As it is sent with each network update in hindsight I should have used a small int or just a byte of data or something. I may come back and make it more efficient, but for now, on to the next course. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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