Another great Quincy Cast

Quincy was on DisruptCast. I am learning about FCC’s extraordinary vision and the people who make it that way through these podcasts. Thanks for doing them. Now I not only want to learn to code for myself, I want to get good enough to help others the way wonderful FCCers are helping me.

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“Episode Info”
"Quincy is Founder of the open-source community Free Code Camp. Through a combination of an interactive learning platform along with real-life projects that teach you to actually build things, he has helped thousands of people around the world learn to code. In this episode, we get into how he got into tech in the first place, what made him start Free Code Camp, and the lessons he’s learned building such a large and rich community. Question of the Day: What is a technology that you think is being held back by corporate interests? Time Stamps: How Quincy got into code in the first place - 4:00 His advice for those looking to learn to code - 10:00 The history of growth of Free Code Camp - 16:00 A little bit behind the technology behind the platform - 23:00 Quincy’s answers to common questions people have getting into coding - 26:00 The differences between particular coding languages - 27:00 How good do you really need to be to bring your idea to life - 32:00 Why hackatons are awesome - 35:00 The biggest mistakes he sees people making when trying to learn to code - 36:00 Open Source for Good - 38:00 The “Quick Questions” begin - 44:00 Links from the show: Traction (legit the best book on marketing you will EVER read) Security Princess DHH Stephen Wolfram TheGruggQ Wes Bos "