Another Mongoose Mongo Connection Problem

I started the third project, the first thing which is needed is a db, i went did what i did last time to make it connect starting with the same cluster as i was not 100% sure i needed a new cluster per project or not i tried with another. inside the console there is some error which points to some functions i havnt used so maybe there linked to the testing or im not sure anyway it says this:

(node:1415) DeprecationWarning: open() is deprecated in mongoose >= 4.11.0, use openUri() instead, or set the useMongoClient option if using connect() or createConnection(). See

3:04 PM

(node:1415) DeprecationWarning: Mongoose: mpromise (mongoose’s default promise library) is deprecated, plug in your own promise library instead:

3:04 PM

connection error: Error: Invalid mongodb uri “mongodb+srv://”. Must begin with “mongodb://”

So the last message i got by displaying an err says my uri is uncorrect i have went to one of my projects which 100% did connect last week and c/p the URI from that and the error is the same here is a screen shot just incase i missed something
Project Url: