Another problem with quote machine

So I’m another in a lengthy row of people who has this issue. There are tons of topics on this matter and sifting through them would be a lengthy process, so please, help the poor guy :wink: Back to the point, I wrote JSONP as a result of my research through fCC Reddit, GitHub and some other sites (I understand how to JSON hardcoded stuff but JSON APIs is somewhat a dark matter for me :smiley: ). Here is my code based on Rafase282 example and some tips from Reddit and I click on the button and it only changes bg colors, no quotes visible. What went wrong?

$.ajaxSetup({ cache: false });
var url = “”;
var newQuote = function(data){
var tweet = ‘’ + data.quoteText + ’ Author ’ + data.quoteAuthor;
if (data.quoteAuthor === ‘’) {
data.quoteAuthor = ‘Unknown’;
$(’#quoteauthor’).text(‘Author: ’ + data.quoteAuthor);
$(’#tweet’).attr(‘href’, tweet);
$.getJSON(url, newQuote, ‘jsonp’);

colors for bg

var colors = [’#16a085’, ‘#27ae60’, ‘#2c3e50’, ‘#f39c12’, ‘#e74c3c’, ‘#9b59b6’, ‘#FB6964’, ‘#342224’, ‘#472E32’, ‘#BDBB99’, ‘#77B1A9’, ‘#73A857’];

on click JSON and color change

$.getJSON(url, newQuote, ‘jsonp’);
var randomColors = Math.floor(Math.random() * colors.length);
$(‘body, .btn’).css(‘background-color’, colors[randomColors]);
$(’#quotetext’).css(‘color’, colors[randomColors]);