Another Tribute Page, my first project ever!

Hi everyone,
Just completed my first project with FreeCodeCamp, the infamous Tribute Page.
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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Hi @Lauric_Olrik! I really like your design there.
Have you run the tests yet? Just in case, they are located here:

I think they can point you first to what to improve. Once these are done, I’m happy to help out more!

Hi and thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Yes I ran the test (10/10). Should I do something more ?

Ohhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t notice I had the wrong test suite selected.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Try to make use of semantic html more — just like you did with <footer>:
    • Instead of having a pyramid of divs, perhaps you could use elements that indicate what each section is doing;
    • for instance, instead of having a div with a class “main”, you could just use <main>;
    • instead of having a div with a class “header”, you could jut use <header>;
    • the div with the picture could become <figure>;
    • instead of a div with info class, you could use <section>;
    • as the picture caption, you could use <figcaption> tag;
    • it is also recommended to replace <i> with <em>;

Other than that:

  • I really love that you don’t skip headers — e.g. you used <p> tag for the subtitle instead of (as many people do), another header;
  • I love that you used and “alt” attribute on the picture!

Thanks a lot for this valuable feedback, I’ll make the changes !
I tend to see div as a do-it-all thing adding id and class, I will definitely remember to use the correct HTML semantics instead :slight_smile:

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