Another way of doing this?

Hello, is there another way to pull out just one item from an array?
For example, I want only array variable from DataContext but to do that I have to do it like this:

let [data, setData, array, setArray] = useContext(DataContext);

Here I don’t need three other array items but I have to write it that way in order to get the one I want. Is there another syntax for this?

What does useContext() return?

An array of items

[data, setData, array, setArray, items, setItems]

did you try destructuring?

const {data}=useContext(DataContext)

Is that useContext the hook React provides (eg React.useContext)?

.edit: yeah, if it is React’s useContext hook, then that returns the value of the context. Which is always an objects so what @sayinmehmet47 says should be correct: why are you instead getting an array?