Another weather app, but please your feedback is needed

Hello, guys and gals, I know this is the 1000th weather app you guys have to review but please I need your feedback because this is my first project where I have implemented an API, SASS and gulp build process. I added small additional features.

Click: Weather Channel

It is hosted by GitHub (gh-pages)
Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

For some reason, the search input field doesn’t work on mobile screens. it is deactivated, I have no idea how to fix this, I have searched and tried debugging with chrome dev tools but no cigar. Any help I can get is welcomed.

Cheers, Sotu.


It looks really nice and seems to work well.

Never seen this weird bug, but apparently .col-xs-12 adds float: left to the div and that messes something up… Don’t ask me why.

So the solution is to remove the col-xs-12 class from the div around .search_form.
Note that .col-xs-12 is unnecessary since Bootstrap will automatically set the size of a div to 100% if no size is defined for that screen size (or a smaller screen size). So removing it will not have any effect on your page.

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Looks good and works well on my Google Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94. Nice Job! Like the possibility to search for other locations! Only thing I would say is when I first opened it, it didn’t show my location I had to press the button to get my location. Maybe it would be better I it’s shows user location by default ?

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Thank you so much @BenGitter for the help and feed back. The solution worked like a charm.

Thank you @tomski80.
I set the first API call on page load to be my city of residence without requesting for users location just yet.
I don’t quite like the idea of the page immediately asking for permission to use location services first, hence my decision.

I just don’t know how it will do as you request without asking to use location services.