Another wikipedia search feature

I have build another wikipedia search feature. I have only problems with the css/bootstrap in the html. It seems to not find the classes I used. That implies that not everything is aligned anymore smoothly which anoys me.

The classes h-100 (2) justify-content-center (1) align-items-center (1) fa (1) fa-search (1) are used in the HTML but not found in any stylesheet

On my computer I need to use those classes to align it a little bit but codepepen doesn’t accept bootstrap 4 or so? Or am I using somewhat bootstrap 3 not added classes in bootstrap 4… Anyway some suggestions on how to improve the css/html would be welcomed.

Got the wikipedia search functionality working. Don’t know which common bugs for to search for. It seems to show the top 10 found hits in order of index.

Also added a picture of the tumbnail if its available on the right. Despite it is not always available or not always a very good picture.

Hope to get some constructive feedback:

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I see that you included your HTML … info in the codepin HTML body. I believe you need to move each of the respective elements into the their respective codepin settings fields. If your CSS worked on your own local machine making that change to your codepin should solve your issue.

Thank you @richRocksCodeBlocks. I sort of fixed the body tags and got it in settings. It solves somewhat the problem.

I improved it a little bit.