Ansel Adams Tribute Page

Hi Everyone,

I just finished my tribute page to Ansel Adams and am now looking for some feedback. I just started a few days ago. So I’m sure my code is definitely going to need some cleaning up. I appreciate any feedback to help improve!

Thanks for taking a look!

I think your page looks great and is a wonderful start! I did notice that on chrome(on my windows 10 box) that some of the text overlaps the photos and others the photos overlap the text. Looking at the code I noticed that you are using the “center” tag to wrap your images which might be the cause because it is flagged as depreciated. You could put your images each into a div and give them a col-xs-# class where # = twelve minus the width of your list items div. This might help you avoid the overlapping problem. You might also consider using alternative font-family attributes in the case some old browser does not support the one that you have in your css

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Nice tribute! I really like your usage of different fonts and your choice in a B&W color scheme to go with all the nature imagery. Also, you have a lot of information on your tribute page. The images really do a great job of balancing out all the historical data presented in order to keep the reader’s attention.


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Thanks for the feedback David. I too noticed the alignment issues in Chrome when I was at any zoom above 100%. I tried the col-xs-# class, but when I did that, the picture was always right justified against the text. Do you know how I can make it centered and more balanced if I use that class designation? Also, good call out about the font-family. I had a mental note to to fix that. Clearly we know what happens to mental notes.

Thanks again for the input! :slight_smile: