Antergos - almost my cup of tea

Latest Gnome rendition of Antergos really pleased me!
Installation was flawless.
It is the fastest Arch based distro i’ve tried yet.

Two things made me remove it:

  1. couldn’t get “hide top panel” or “auto-hide top panel” extensions (via Firefox) to work. Just like default Ubuntu, i just can not stand not being able to move or auto-hide that top panel!
  2. could not get printer to install automatically like it happens in other distros.
    I know, there are ways to get the printer to work. It’s just that i feel that there’s no reason for it not to do it automatically.

So much for my rant!

I really like this latest version though!

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It’s really, really impressive, though I haven’t got the “hide top panels” functionality to work either. Otherwise had no issues. The Wiki is still awful as well!

Interesting, how is Gnome these days for you?

I’ve gone for a completely Gnome-less arch setup, keeping it purposefully minimal. I migrated from Unity to Gnome to KDE, and eventually settled on just a simple window manager (first XMonad and then DWM)

Gnome stuff used to be such a pain to maintain and keep working, not sure why Ubuntu etc are making such a move towards it. I guess it has great defaults out of the box?

I’m busy doing the same, dumping gnome, but it is pretty smooth out of the box. It asks you what to choose on install, WM or full graphic environment, so no need to actually use Gnome. I did, came from osx and it was a bit brutal, but not too much at first, then you start to notice the little holes in functionality, where attempts to wrap various cli apps into combined interfaces haven’t quite been properly integrated or polished. Re stuff working, Arch seems pretty excellent in that regard, had no issues, the constant rolling updates are really nice