Any advice after basically bombing a coding test for a jr. dev position?

A few days ago, I applied for a junior dev position and made it to the second stage of the hiring process, which was a coding test.

The email said the test should take about two hours to complete and I thought I’d have a pretty easy time with it after learning web dev for so long (three years and counting), but I’ve been struggling through the test for days now and I’ve decided to withdraw my application for the position.

This has gotten me feeling pretty discouraged about my skills and chances of making it as a dev, and I’m just wondering if y’all can give me some encouragement and advice about getting my confidence back.

Thanks, folks.

What was the test exactly?

It consisted of two problems. The first was deep cloning an object, the second was filtering a set of locations provided in a JSON object by a certain radius and then displaying the filtered information in ascending order. Both problems had to be done in pure Node/Javascript.

I managed to complete the first problem after some heavy Googling, but I’ve been stuck on the second for days now.

Practice, practice, practice!

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The problems don’t seem very difficult. I think you just need more practice.