Any advice for applying in person

Applying In Person

A while ago I made a post asking for help in my application journey. Someone suggested I just walk in and apply in person.
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Though I’m quite terrified of doing so, I have nothing to lose and so that’s what I’m going to do.
Does anyone have any advice or suggestions.

What I’ve got planed so far

  1. I’ve compiled a list of tech companies in my city. I chose small companies and startups instead of massive ones so that I can cut through all the bureaucracy and HR people - I don’t want to walk in and be told “just apply on our website”
  2. I noted down the address of each company and made travel plan/route so I can hit each one back to back in one day in the most efficient manner.
  3. Did some minor research on the company
    • What they do
    • Their founding/birth
    • Where they are going next
  4. Find the name of CTOs and senior engineers on their Linkedin page so I can ask for them when I go in instead of talking to a secretary. I’m not to sure about doing this one.
  5. Bring my laptop and a bunch of copies of my resume with me.
  6. …do it I guess.

I recommended it to you. You have a great plan on there, now just do it.

I hope that this helps you and doesn’t overwhelm you with what I have written below .

Basically this is what an employer looks for:
1.Good looking Resume
2.Confident Good looking guy in a Suit that means business
3.Great Attitude and wants to stick around for a long time - and can do the job or at least give it their all

No need to be scared, just ask God to guide you and do all the hard work for you.

I just walked right in and asked if they were hiring programmers. I brought a resume in and ended up getting an interview right on the spot for one company.

Go on Glassdoor and find interview questions. This company used C# and I didn’t know what an interface was (they used them all day), otherwise I would have gotten the job. It is good to study Classes, polymorphism, and sanitizing input at the least.

It all comes down to courage, spell checking your resume, and them knowing you are serious about the job. If they don’t hire you, have them recommend a company that would hire you or what should you do better or what skills should I learn for the next interview to get the job.

People are more honest than you think, and sometimes asking these questions may get them to call you back because they know you are serious and honest.

You either get the job or you just tried your hardest. You will be amazed how many people want to hire someone just because they had to courage to ask for a job and are willing to go the extra mile for a company. You are always willing to learn and advance your skills…

I hire people for a different industry at the moment, but we look for a few things on a resume. Have someone else read your resume and look for these things - would they hire you?

------ Always wear a Suit, Casual dress never fly’s (just look at my profile picture - do you want to hire me or a regular looking person off the street?)-------

1. Consistency with what you say and write on a resume… Clean easy email address (
2. Will you be able to do the job (will you go above and beyond and do it well - will you be sticking around for a long time).
3. Spell Check & Grammar. Everything in a positive tone
4. Write Hobbies and other things you like (even if it is computers and hiking) if you can fit it on there. Not everything is about work, yet still make it nice and brief (one sentence). I had a online resume with star wars and didn’t use it as a website I designed and realized after I got hired that the whole company was nuts about star wars and that I may have been hired a month earlier.
5. Don’t put things on there about getting fired or laid off (Keep it positive and if you have to put it on there later, you can say you were looking for Career Advancement - just avoid it basically with the attitude that the past doesn’t matter so long as I do my best and will always strive to please God and do the right thing for the best of everyone)
6. Write only History about experience you have towards the job that you are applying for (so just put programming experience, even if it is a hobby - leave out the rest). You can write on there that this history is only related to what you are applying for. You left out the rest because this is the what you want to do and if they really need it you can give it to them later.
7. References are good because every one of them will get contacted (usually called)

If you have a bad experience with another employer it may be a good idea to call them with a different voice and pretend like you are hiring a candidate (you) and why they got laid off/fired. I would record the phone call, because if they reveal anything - they are breaking the law - and you will know that they will try and ruin your future careers. You could even tell them that it is illegal to reveal anything. I hate to say that, but this does happen and people then don’t get the new job that could have changed their life for the better.

What are your weaknesses (make strengths weaknesses - too detail oriented) and what are your strengths.

What is your typical way of dealing with conflict.

Tells us about the last time you had to adapt to a difficult situation.

Accuracy, Multiple tasks, How do you determine priorities… etc.

One company asked me - How do you deal with anger? I told them that I meditate a lot and do deep breathing, so I really don’t get angry. I ended up getting that job - Highest Level 3rd tier Tech support for integrations.

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Thanks a lot. Is there a best time or day to show up?

I was thinking Monday or Tuesday at around 10am. Does it even matter?

I’d say the odds aren’t great that when you walk in someone will just happen to be available to talk to you right then, so I would suggest arriving in the morning and expect to schedule a time to meet later in the day (or even later in the week).

Don’t over think it, just do it.
Sell yourself, do a prayer, BE strong. I believe in you and God is on your side.

It may seem scary and it is, but just have some faith and you can do anything. You will feel so proud of yourself after one place. Don’t worry about failure, you are succeeding by even trying this.

I am proud of you right now for even planning this.

I would hire you with my business right now if I had a bit more revenue to cover you. I have a tech business and could always help an apprentice.

This is like being a salesman but of yourself.

After you go to one place your jitters will lessen, because you now have done it at least once. You will criticize yourself, but then you will say “I did it”!!! You took a powerful step into being able to do anything in life and succeed.

I had to think about it, but I basically have done this for 3 jobs. A lot of my jobs were never listed on any job site.

You can do it, I have faith in you.

I wasn’t trying to discourage @ninjaboynaru at all! I was just trying to answer the question about what time to show up. At least when it comes to the companies that I’ve worked for, the odds that at any given time a senior developer or CTO is available for a meeting isn’t great. I was suggesting walking in in the early part of the day to increase the likelihood of getting to see someone that day.

I don’t think @ArielLeslie is being skeptical or telling me not to do it. I had the same misunderstanding when I read his post. I think he’s just saying I should arrive early in the likely case that they are not immediately available at that moment and can scheduled for later.

I plan on arrive early anyways, but I suppose I’m just overthinking this and worrying about weather I should show up at 9am or 10am or weather it really matters if I show up on Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve already set a date and done my research so here I go.

I really appreciate the all the help and advice. It’s quite terrifying going in alone.

For any given team, some days and times will work better than others, but there’s no real industry-wide standard. Job hunting is stressful enough, so don’t beat your brain up trying to anticipate the unknowable. Good luck! Don’t let it wear you down!

How did this all go for you anyway? Just curious…

Be careful taking this advice, because depending on which state you live, you could be breaking the law by recording the conversation with or without consent of the person on the other end of the phone call.

I should have clarified. I have never done this, but I knew a guy who did this and it was legal in his state. He did it because of false allegations and retaliatory fake disciplinary actions against him to force him to resign even though he wanted to stay with that company.