Any advice on getting a job during this pandemic?

Hello fellow programmers, this fall semester is my last semester in college, going to graduate(about time lol). I would like some advice on getting a job during this tough times. My main interest is in frontend, am a little worried about 2 things. One is there aren’t many internships or jobs for entry level developers, and the other is if I do get an offer, it is most likely that am going to have to work from home and am worried that I won’t be to perform as well as I would like to. Thanks

Congratz on graduating!

Even before the pandemic getting a job after school wasn’t a complete walk in the park, it still required some work. With the pandemic, things have only gotten harder as companies try to re-adjust with the current situation. As such, finding a job has gotten harder no doubt, so keep applying, searching, networking, and learning. I suggest leveraging whatever resources you have at school to help you. Even with the pandemic I would assume these facilities would still be around in some way or form to help you get a job.

I’m unsure how all companies are handling the pandemic, but even with it there isn’t a total 100% move to remote work, especially for new hires. The simple truth is if your just starting out its very hard to start in remote working environment out of the gate. Its very possible you wont be working remote. I’m sure companies will take some steps to reducing the risk during the pandemic, but full remote work might not be available. I recommend you look into how a company will accommodate you depending on the situation once you get past the initial interview phases.

So again, keep learning, leverage what resources you have, keep networking, keep applying, and learning more about how companies you are applying to are handling the pandemic.

Good luck!