Any advice on how to improve my portfolio

Take this with a grain of salt, because design critique is always subjective.

The one thing that jumps at me (or bothers me a bit) is the wide use of the script fonts. These are hard to read, and very few script fonts look good on a webpage. And even then, one needs to use script fonts in moderation (short word, big size, adjust letter spacing/kerning)… and they’re best effective if used as an accent in a header, banner, or tagline. But not used as a font itself in so many things. In other words, Less is more.

*Suggestion: When viewing web design samples, 'right-click links and open in a new tab.

Why not add a target="_blank" in your a href tags?

Under Audio Visual, I don’t get it why you show the same stock image of the camera, and I have to click a very small “Go to link” to actually see your work.

Why not just use a screenshot of the video on your rollover image, and when users click on the box, you open directly to the Vimeo video on another window.

Just a few for starters.