Any advise on creating a tech course?

I am a senior software developer and a UI design enthusiast. I have been considering creating courses for having a second stream of revenue, as being a parent, the idea of making a course feels more approachable than freelancing.

Any advises on doing so, and which platform(s) should I consider for this? Are there other potentially better ways to make extra income, while also having a work-life balance?

hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:

maybe google trends can help finding out whats people are looking for on internet, also tech trends analytics from SO and likes of others can be useful as well, happy content creating :slight_smile:

I think creating content, regardless of platform, is a bit of a gamble since there’s no insurance that you will have any income. Something like consulting work (hourly part time dev work) might end up being more stable, if the schedule is flexible enough!

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