Any Campers from Indonesia here? Kumpul yuk!

Hello, World!

My name is Andre, a 32 yo camper living in Bali, Indonesia. I am curious, as I see a number of Indonesians on this forum, how many of us are here and want to get together and start a community? Maybe even start our own meetups?

Everywhere I read, people say that getting together with real-life developers in your community and engaging in meetups is essential in your journey as a developer. I realize that this social connection among aspiring developers is something very lacking in Indonesia, or at least in Bali, where I live. So if anyone is from Indonesia, no matter what your proficiency level is in programming, let’s hang out and share! Let’s grow together. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!

I’m pretty new to programming myself. I started out on Codecademy about a year ago, and only started seriously diving deep into FCC and EDX a few months back. I have spent most of my professional life in the F&B and tourism industry, working long, hard hours. I decided to shift my life path because I want to spend more time with my family, my newborn daughter, and I realize creating things online is the way to go. I have been interested in tech and computers since a young age, fooling around with a 1988 Macintosh with 5’’ floppy disks, no mouse, a green-and-black monitor, and a command line OS. I hope that, with my relentless determination and perseverance, I can make a comfortable living developing things that will make people’s lives better, through programming.

Anyways, that’s my story. I’d love to hear yours :slight_smile:



hi dre !

I’m fighting my way through the curriculum & it’d be super nice to join with other campers - so I was totally stoked to see your post!

I’m originally from Germany, 31 yrs & now living straight at the beach (close to Balian). So yeah, coding and surfing is kind of dominating my life at the moment :wink: ;

So yeah - lets meet / get in contact / start some coding meet-ups !!!


Hi Zombie, im indonesian 26 yo. live in Yogyakarta. Come in. lets meet up. can you chat me to give your phone number or other personal contact.

Hey, I am an Indonesian too and right now living in Semarang, campers meet ups surely sound fantastic !

Hey @joshuatonyy!
Welcome to FCC forum!

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