Any career advice for begginers?

Hey there! I’m currently studying economics in college and I’m diving into coding because many teachers have emphasized its importance in this field. However, I’m a bit lost and unsure about the path to follow. I’m really interested in learning R and Python as they’re super useful in social sciences, but I’m not sure where to begin. I’m currently exploring data analysis with Python on freecodecamp, which seems great, but I’m wondering if I’m getting ahead of myself or if I should start with some foundational courses. I’ve also heard that learning SQL is important. I’m a total beginner in this area, so if you could guide me with courses or essential skills to start with, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

If you search "career guidance in it & software " in YT, there are loads of really nice videos.

I suggest, do watch and make notes, post that you can ask specific queries if any.

Short answer is there are loads of opportunities in IT field for coming decades for sure.

For me, if I can start fresh; I would love to join Tesla AI team for sure AI & Robotics | Tesla :wink:

All the very best with your journey.

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Most of the freeCodeCamp resources are built around a web development. While it’s still good, usefull stuff to learn it sounds like it doesn’t line up super closely with your personal goals. We do have Python material, and that’s worth giving a shot.

I’m out of date on online Python resources, but the books by No Starch Press are really good if you’re willing and able to spend money on learning resources. (They have some R books too, but their Python books are the ones you always hear about.) Back in the olden times when I had to learn Python for work, I liked Learn Python The Hard Way.

I haven’t heard people talking about R resources, and I’ve never used it myself, so I can’t help much there.

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