Any comments on my two Projects?

I have finished Survey form and Technical writing projects
Survey Form

Technical Guide
Thank You Guys

And please I am looking for a programming buddie.
You can HMU if you wonna be one

I checked out your Survey form. It looks good.

Just a few some suggestions (please don’t take them personally, I am just trying to help)…

On my monitor, even when I adjust the brightness up or down, the page background color and font color is hard to read (light font on light background) also same with the white font and the yellow part of the gradient.

Also, I did not understand what the textbox area at the bottom of the form is for. Perhaps is needs a label such as “Comments” so users of the form would know what to fill out there.

Other than those things, good job!

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Thanks @a_aramini
Can’t take it personal, that’s why i asked for comments
I like that i made mistakes and someone is happy helping me…
I will work on balancing the background and color of text

Just my personal opinion so don’t take it personally or anything,
for the technical guide, the placement of the “code” button is a bit off to me, and I think the black text would look better if it didn’t go over the non blue part of the background.
The app.html page is very nice, good choice of colors and the layout is well done.

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Thank @eucalyptus
I really appreciate your feedback because in the real world jobs, a customer maybe will not say that…

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