Any established developers taking this bootcamp?

I’ve been a developer for almost 3 years now. Started with one of the expensive bootcamps in NYC. I learned full-stack development, on the Rails stack, but quickly found myself exclusively in Data Visualization and Front End.

Was thinking of working through all the material here, but a lot of it will be review for me. Not sure if other resources might be a better use of my time.

Anybody else work through the material who was already an established developer that could provide some feedback?

Thanks for the feedback. I learned Ruby on Rails, but haven’t touched the backend since I finished the course I took. My own fault, but I was focused on getting better at the tools I was using at work. Now that I’m correcting my mistake and making time to dive back into the backend, since I’m doing it on my own time I feel a more structured environment would be beneficial.

You also answered another question I was going to post about. Having noticed that some of the lessons for the certificates were “coming soon” while the certificate was already available. I’m eager to see what is in the D3 lessons when that launches. I write in D3 just about every day and am always looking for other perspectives on good methodologies for D3. Though I expect the recent update to a new version of D3 could push the release of those lessons back. Some sizable changes in the update, but a great step forward for the library.