Any Feedback for 1960's band website

Hi everyone,
I’ve been working on a website for my dad’s 1960’s band using the skills I’ve gained here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m also still working on the mobile view for a couple pages. It works best in chrome and firefox.
Thank you for your time, I hope that you enjoy. : )

It looks pretty good, i would only change the image with the name of the band, it should be in higher resolution.

I would also change the font color of the “in memory of” page, it’s quite difficult to read.

Do you have suggestions of color? I tried black and it seemed a bit blurry too. It might be the background though. Thank you for the feedback. : )

Try #333 or #444 instead of pure black. Orange might work, too.

You can also try to use this website:
You give in a color and the site gives you the opposite, opposite colors are usually good for reading.

Thank you so very much! I will try that and check out the site. : )