Any feedback for my Drum Machine?

Hi there. I’d be happy with some feedback on my drum machine project.

Live project:

Source code:

I used this project as an opportunity to move away from codepen and start doing my development on my local machine, so I started with create-react-app, and learned a lot about git, github, vscode, npm, and terminal commands as I went. It was great, and I’m glad I did it that way. I learned a ton.

I’ll probably make another pass through it and add features (volume control, etc). But the feedback I’m really interested in would be regarding the content that is already implemented (ie, better organization of my code, ways of doing things I may have overlooked, stuff like that).

Thanks, guys!

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If anyone wants a link to the main Javascript file, rather than the root of the source code:

Hi @spblewis !

I think your project looks good.
I really like the more cowbell part. :sweat_smile:

I think your code looks good.
For future projects, you might consider creating separate components / files for the drumpad, drumkeys and walkenMode.

Then you can import that into the app.js.

Hope that helps!

Thank a bunch. Would it be better practice to put each object or class into its own file? Or would they be grouped together in some way?

I think it is up to you how you want to create your components.
I just think it would be good practice because as your react apps become bigger it will become easier to read if everything is not in one app.js file :grinning:

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