Any feedback for my Survey Form

Hello everyone. If you have any suggestion or feedback please comment. I just want to improve it. Here’s the link.

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Very nice work on your page! Taking a look at your code, I noticed only a couple of small things.

<p for="">Interest: </p>
On line 61, I see this - I don’t believe p elements can have a for attribute.
You’ve got an unclosed span tag on line 92. :slight_smile:

Overall, the page looks very good and you’ve done quite well! I like the styling, though I would consider the contrast of your red text (* and red) against the background image. Keep up the great work!

I love the project :+1:

Btw some padding for bullet points can be helpful I think

Hey man, thank you for appreciating my effort. I can’t believe you’ve seen it.
I will edit that right away. Thanks.

Thank you, @lancelote. I thinks that helps too. I will edit that.

Looks pretty good.

  1. Run the HTML through a validator (use direct input).

  2. Your last 3 media queries are unclosed.

  3. I would suggest using classes and not ids for CSS.

Good job, keep it up.

Wow. I didn’t know that tool. Thank you for providing that. I didn’t know there was much wrong with my code. I still have a lot to learn. Your feedback was so very helpful. Thank you again.

No problem.

There isn’t that much wrong. Make sure when you copy-paste the HTML that you either add the missing doctype and html/body or just ignore the errors about that. You can also use this validator instead, it’s direct input already have the boilerplate HTML.

Happy coding!

Thank you. I will follow all your feedback. I’ll be better.