Any games to help learn coding?

I played some TIS-100 and found it kinda interesting as a way to have some ‘fun’ and do something programming related. Was wondering if anyone knew of any interactive/game/fun-like programs to supplement learning to program, whether it be language specific or not. I just find working through the modules here to be very soul crushing at times, was looking for ways to refuel/supplement without /ragequitting the learning process. I have a habit of quitting in the middle/beginning of things.

Not quite that, but (i’m leaving the link un-covered if it doesnt work search up shortfoo).

This is useful for learning vim, bash, git commands.

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That’s pretty hilarious. I was always at a loss for submlime shortcuts, so this is already helping me a ton.

Maybe you would like to learn to program with Scratch, a more visual programming language. You can make some great classic games such as Pac-Man and what not.

Here is a free Udemy course by Al Sweigart.

He also has a great free e-book called “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” if you are interested, which delves into the ways programming could be used in our daily lives for practicality’s sake, without one necessarily being a “programmer”. This book is what got me into programming, and perhaps making practical use of coding in your daily life will you make even more enthusiastic about studying programming, as it did for me.

Here is the link to the “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” e-book.