Any good supplemental JS resources?

I just started the JS Algorithms and Data Structures Certification and was wondering if anyone has any good supplemental resources or references that better helps you understand JS. Thanks!

Hi @zman07!

These are some of my resources

Hope that helps!

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Have you looked at the book ‘A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript’ by Mark Myers?

It has a similar format to FCC with online practice problems.

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Will check this out! Thanks for the suggestion. The only other book I’ve heard of is You Don’t Know JS

I heard that You Don’t Know JS is a good book and dives in deep into the language. I don’t know if that would work for someone just starting out but you can check it out and see for yourself. Same goes for eloquent javascript. I don’t think it is good for complete beginners but if you have messed around with the language a little bit then it will make sense IMO.