Any good tutorial on web scraping?

I wanna make a vanilla js or react project for practice. and i want it to be web scraping. can you run me through some good and most of all simple tutorial that will help me with that? :slight_smile:

i run through some fcc article about it and i copied it but it doesnt seem to work for me…
my code

“Web scraping cannot be achieved on the client side” - this should be TLDR; of the article you’ve provided, therefore React script itself won’t be able do that, instead it will call your server (API, remember) and your server will do all the scraping, returning the result. Pretty much industry standard in JS for web scraping is Puppeteer - a Chrome for Node - anything you can do in Chrome you should be able to do in Puppeteer, including viewing source code of any public page on the web.

Here is my small web scraper using Puppeteer if you need any sort of guidance:

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