Any Great Practice Books/Sites for HTML/CSS?

So I’ve taken a Udemy course on Web Development but I haven’t practiced in a year or two and now I’m rusty. I want to get back to it and create websites. Are there any books or websites that have practice problems (besides FCC) for each topic of CSS/HTML/JavaScript? Books AND websites would be preferred. I know books can be outdated but practicing from a good recently published practice/learning book would be good because books have a good to-the-point layout. Also for websites, I’m looking for any website that separates practice problems by topic (ex. CSS fonts, css properties, etc) instead of random practice problems. Any response is appreciated, thank you.


I like to use websites like W3shools and CodeCademy to get practice. Although you have to pay for quizzes and projects on Codecademy, w3schools is free (apart from paid courses) when it comes to quizzes. There Are sites you can use to download books of any kind ,like PDFDrive and books on web development are there too.

Hey @trejoa
Let me tell you, it is not only your problem. This was my problem, and many other will resonate with your question.
When I comes to learning something technical like coding, other thing that really matters is your grit and determination along with the right track. Persistence is another important thing to have. You should separate a specific time for your daily practice no matter what. The problem that we all face at the beginning is that , we look the tutorials, understand what is done their , then we think we can do that simple thing. But we never do. No matter what how small the topic are Get your hand down to text editor. Play some stuff.
Another thing is you might feeling you are not able to create any thing exciting , this is because you hadn’t made your fundamentals clear first. It takes time.
Back to your query, For HMTL I think as told by @htmlfan w3schools is great to get you head cleared with some fundamental stuff. Although that won’t be still not enough. Your purpose should not to finish the course, rather practice it till it becomes your second language.
I will recommend this book for anyone who want to master HTML and CSS
This is absolutely free e-book by O’rieally Publication . You can download it’s pdf.
Author Jennifer Mam is incredible teacher. She will teach you more than enough to go, but just as I said earlier Get you hand down to practice. Don’t try to finish the book fast thinking you understood.
I consider this book to be my Veda’s or Bible or Quran whatever you call for learning all the necessary fundamentals to head into web development journey.
That’s the rule.
Hope that helped !

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