Any help on my portfolio?

Hey everyone,

I worked pretty hard to get my page responsive using the bootstrap grid. I also fixed the navbar at the top

For some reason, the navbar isnt fixed on mobile pages and the links don’t actually work when I view it on my phone.

I’m trying to make a mobile menu botton on smaller screens but am not really sure how to do that.

I also and struggling a lot with the image size. img-responsive doesnt exactly size the images right.

Any advice would be great!


If you’re using bootstrap I think adding “max-width” property to your CSS might do the trick with images.
If you want to add a menu button for smaller devices, I advice to read about media queries first. My trick is to add a menu icon to the right of your navbar and give it class with “display: none”. Then, using media query you can change the display of the icon and also hide (also with display property) your normal menu.
I used jquery to create a list menu on icon click in my portfolio, but there is a trick with :target so you can make it just with CSS.

Good Luck!

Hello, you should use bootstrap classes for the navbar. You can learn about it here