Any Ideas What To Put On "Home" Page?

Good morning.

I am currently making my portfolio and have the following as the main page:

In your personal opinion, what should I put here? Mind you, I already have a Background section so I don’t see the need to talk about my own person here.

Thank you.

If you already have a about section I suggest that made something fancy whith this part, maybe center the name with a subtitle, make it big and beauty, see others portfolio for inspiration or pens in codepen to see what look better and then reply it.
Seeing the state I think that somethin in blue tones, or a background that remembers the IT world, maybe you can add an effect for when the users scroll down.

For example, see:
a crazy scrolldown effect:

simply blue tones that look elegant:

or simply try and experiment, personally I look a lot for examples because have 0 imagination but lets doing experiments and see what looks nice or not


pd: forgive my english

edit: somewhere I saw a portfolio that post the dev photo in the right with a few stats of his abilitys, maybe a good idea in this case to bring a "first, fast vision " of your profile

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Hello Eric,

just some nice typography can look great and professional.
Your name and taglines with your dev role and what you can offer
for employers.

You would also ensure it’s readable and you cover one the trends
in current web design and development.

Check Typography in Web Design - Awwwards .

Here’s an example
(that’s not me)

Good thing is that you also get to good looking results if you are not
a designer! Just dabble with the font sizes and position and done.

Much success on your way

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