Any issues with my survey page

I really want to know what opinion anyone would have for my survey page.

Here’s the link

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Not bad! Here’s a few things I noticed:

The font-size difference between the input labels and the placeholders is a little odd (I would make them the same size).

The full screen survey looks “zoomed in” (because there is no maximum width to the survey form).

The labels for name and email do not indicate that they are required, which would be helpful to know as a user before attempting to submit an incomplete survey and getting an error.

The white text on the final ‘Submit’ button is hard to read on the yellow background.

Overall, I like your idea for the survey topic, as well as the range of questions. The color scheme is pretty unique too.

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Thanks! Your input is was very helpful and is appreciated

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@SageM-19 Superb! I like your style. I have a few suggestions.

  • Change the yellow outline around the input fields to another color. The reason is that yellow next to white is not enough contrast.
  • Change the word ‘(required)’ to an ‘*’ asterisk, most people will know that field as required.
    Great job!!
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``` @brandon_wallace thanks, I appreciate the feedback. You learn something new everyday (referring to the asterisk) ````

@SageM-19 An alternative to the orange outline around the input fields could be a dark gray background in the input field with white letters and keep the yellow outline. Whichever way you think it looks good, it is up to you.

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