Any know of WGU

So I kind of want to go back to school and get a Bachelors degree after working my ass off in HVAC and saving every penny I’ve ever made. Some one had recommended me Western Governors University because its completely online and would be a good fit for me to work still and study. Tuition doesn’t seem to bad either and graduation time seems to only take 1/2 a year to 2 years depending on the student. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it or could recommend i or not recommend it and why.

I recommend Free Code Camp.

freeCodeCamp is a good starting point.

I’m doing free Code Camp but a degree can only help you.

I would do research on their software degrees and see if you can find reputable people with actual jobs who have the degree from this place. Times are changing, but unknown online universities in the past were hit and miss for helping to get a job. As a result, many companies stayed away from their graduates. Now if they are highly known for software and many graduates show up in your search, then go for it.

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I mean, I think we all recommend FCC or we wouldn’t waste our time being on here and participating in the forum. I would be slightly wary of any online-only degrees/schools. Definitely do your research on them. You also want to make sure you have the willpower to do online studying. I tried it and it. did. not. work. But that’s not the case for everyone! Just putting it out there as a disclaimer.

What degree, specifically, are you looking to get?