Any learners in the Waco, Tx area?

Anyone here in the Waco, Tx area? Or central Texas. Just looking to meet others who are learning to become web developers like myself.

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Yeah! I’m checking out the web design curriculum because I’m interested in possibly developing web apps as hobby; currently working as a data analyst. But yep, here in Waco

Oh that cool! How long have you be doing the web design course? I am on the CSS portion. I was doing the legacy course but I notice they updated the course. I really like the new course.

Howdy partner :wave:

Central Texas here. I’ve been studying coding in my spare time for a little over two years now, though I just recently started studying fCC’s coursework.

I been off and on myself. But recently been taking more time to learn. You working to get a job as a developer? Or mor so as a hobby?

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My focus started as a hobby, but I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve started leaning towards getting a job as a web dev.
I’m still not certain though, and I’m not in too much of a rush.

Most of my focus so far has been more… I guess conceptional, rather than applied. So I know a lot of CS concepts, but don’t have a lot of experience building full fledged applications.

Do you any programming as Data analyst? I looked into that in the past but wasn’t sure if it be right for me.

I do! I write Python scripts and notebooks all the time, often in Google Colab / Jupyter notebooks. But I probably still end up using SQL more frequently than Python on a daily basis.

Honestly just started web dev learning a few days ago; I’d used FreeCodeCamp intermittently before, and I want to commit to actually powering through and completing the whole slate of web development certifications.

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