Any new project ideas?

Hi thoughtful coders!

Do you have any suggestions on new project ideas to have in a portfolio to be able to get hired as a web developer(front-end) without previous experience.

I understand that the projects that we do in courses and learning does not put that much value to the cv.

So what would be the perfect thing to do in order to showcase my skills through what kind of projects say for example I want to stick to Javascript language. Do I have to also do the back-end part and also work on deployment. Any clarity on this would be great!

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Bug trackers are pretty sexy to employers. It’s real world and offers enough of challenge to gain the trust of your interviewers

If you like money and analysis consider making a simple stock broker bot which checks the market and visually shows where to buy and sell. That would demonstrate that you understand business requirements and gain enough trust for employers to check you out.