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"Dear FreeCodeCamp Staff,

I am currently engrossed in your courses and finding them extremely helpful. I wanted to share a suggestion that might enhance the learning experience. It seems that it is currently possible to proceed to the next step without completing the previous one. This reveals the solution to the previous step, which could potentially hinder the learning process. I recently found myself doing this and wondered why it was possible. Perhaps it would be beneficial to make it mandatory to complete each step before moving on to the next.

Thank you for your consideration."


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Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 24

the curriculum can be perused at one own content, adding this limitation would hide the curriculum to people that maybe don’t want to take all the steps or want to jump around. The practice projects are not even mandatory to do.

If you consider it cheating, you are only cheating yourself.

The curriculum requires discipline to learn without supervision.

Completing the curriculum will not earn you any medals you can use for much of anything, but will allow you to get lots of practice. But that is only if you do the work. The result is knowledge, nothing more.

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