Any recommend book for coding beginner?

I am pretty much new to coding (Despite i take cs50 course 2 years ago and haven’t finished yet), is there any coding related book that i should read in order to understand more about coding?

There’s a lot out there for different aspects of coding in general.

Usually these books are split into 2 key grops

  1. Technology focused
  2. Theory Focused

“Technology focused” books usually focus on, well specific technologies, like Languages, frameworks and libraries.

Whereas “theory focused” books usually focus on the underlying principles of programming in general. These are usually the sources that you may be assigned if you were going to college for a Computer Science degree, as the “theory never goes out of style”.

One of the key distinctions between these 2 types of books, is their “use-by date”. Technologies change, get updated, and even get deprecated over time. What is popular today might not be popular 5 years from now. Because of that books focusing on specific technologies go out of date rather fast, this is especially true in some areas such as web, where new versions of major libraries come out 2 times a year, and browsers continually update with new features.

However, theory doesn’t go out of style and doesn’t change. Because of that, these sorts of books could be written decades ago and still be applicable.

That said, there’s a large number of theories you may or may not need/want to learn about as a beginner. You might be focusing primarily on understanding language syntax, never mind more complex concepts underpinning the practical code your learning to write.

Key topics that usually come up are data structures, and algorithms. These aren’t usually that fun to learn about, but are whats primarily underpinning a lot of day-to-day problems with coding. You’ll probably want to have a decent understanding of at least 1 language so you can take the theory and put it to use with your given language though.

So depending on how comfortable you are with a language’s syntax, you may or may not want to pick up a theory focused book, so you can learn things more at a theory level. If you’re still learning a language, then I’d get a book focused on that language so you can use it to get a deeper understanding to what the language itself is doing.

You’re welcome to pick up a book on specific technologies you are interested in, but again these might be “expired” rather quickly due to becoming outdated. Its where online resources could help the most, as these can be updated over time.

Finally, I’d suggest giving out a few high level topics your interested in to get some example books as “books about coding” is rather broad, hence why I actually haven’t given a single example in this rather long post. With some specifics about your current level and interests (or even possible interests) I, and other’s might be able to give some recommendations. :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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I started learning coding in C language . So during my beginner level I study from book Let us C by Yashavant P. Kanetkar . Language of this book is very simple and exercise are also very good for a beginner.

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