Any Recommendations about ES6 Course?

Now I’m in the 27th lesson of ES6 course. During Javascript Basics I had to solve a lot of challenges and that made me understand the subject well. But in this course (ES6) I’m feeling that there are lots of code to learn I didn’t practice enough.
Do you have any recommendations about the sources that I can find challenges to practice the ES6 code patterns?

Hey @mjozdi!

You can use a lot of the es6 features in the upcoming algorithm challenges if you want to. (Ex. let, const, arrow functions,Destructuring assignment, etc)

w3resource also has practice examples that you can work on if you want.

You will also get more practice when you start building projects.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for your answer. Maybe I’m too impatient :upside_down_face:
I get used to freeCodeCamp tricky challenges so this part seemed to have too much explainer and less practice. That’s why I asked this question.
It’s good to know that I’ll use it during the next challenges :+1: