Any resume advice? Applying for jobs and looking for some help

I am currently working a career change into web development and am working on refining my resume to stand out. While I am a Recruiter, I don’t really have experience looking at technical resumes nor do I have experience working with career change resumes. Figured I would post it here to see if you have any suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to look.

On mine, I kept only one recent job (no relevant experience), and I organized my skills by years or months of experience. In my case that was 1+ years: … and <1 year: …

I put skills and projects above education.

And I worded my non-relevant experience with tech keywords like “developed curriculum”.

Education usually goes last or at least near the bottom on most technical resumes.

Don’t qualify your skills with “Familiar”, especially when you put it up against “Proficient”. It makes it look like a technology you might have heard of once, and threw on there like so many other resumes do.

I’m not sure that last project (PING) is really in-depth enough to be on there. Maybe get a few more complex projects going, like the pet store. Afterward, make a portfolio page, and make that the first URL in your projects section.

Your experience shows very clearly that you’re looking for a career change, and are just starting to break in to the field. Perhaps another list near the skills section about the technologies you’re currently studying for your next project. Makes you look like someone actually enthusiastic about learning. Highlight your leadership skills in non-tech jobs (developers with such skills are in high demand), and perhaps expand on the work you did for your employer’s online presence.

Finally, while rowing and climbing might excite some random enthusiast readers, they’re really quite irrelevant to a resume (you’ve already mentioned being a coach in your experience section, something far more interesting).

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Thanks for the tips. I like the idea of adding years to skills!

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Thanks for the advice. I agree that PING should probably be taken off. I do have a portfolio so I will put that under projects to really highlight it. I also like the advice about a section on what I am currently learning that seems like a good way to show that I constantly working to advance my skills. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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To add on the extra curriculurs, I found a good spot for them to be as an image banner on my LinkedIn. Grab a team photo or sick shot from an outdoor climb or even indoor, throw title over it (WEB DEVELOPER) and smaller font about what you do. That’s what I did for mine, there are other examples in this article (tagged specific section for your convenience, real people examples further down):