Any Side Hussles while learning to code?

Hello FreeCodeCampers,
I know learning from FCC is free but I do have to feed a family and get some income out of my learnings at the same time any ideas to really earn a side income using HTML and CSS and a little bit of JS ? I can see a lot of youtube videos on this topic but I don’t know whether I could trust them or not many of them being clickbaits.I am trying to make a career switch from commerce to web development and getting my first JS internship is so difficult for me.
I attended my first tech interview a week ago and I was shortlisted for 2 rounds and failed in the personal interview round today and I am so disappointed and feel so down … give me some motivation please…

It’s not outside the realms of possibility, it’s just unlikely. If someone is hiring a programmer to do some work for them, they expect that person to know what they’re doing immediately and produce the work for them. Someone just learning to program isn’t really in that position. By analogy, if you hire a plumber to fix something in your house, are you going to hire someone with experience who has a good reputation, or are you going to hire someone who started learning the job last week? (Contrast with working for a company as a junior – a company is going to have the resources to train someone up)

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I agree with your point in case of a plumber but when it comes to web development if a person keeps on and on and on learning when can that person apply for jobs.He will be simply stuck in tutorial hell and procrastination.

That’s not quite what you were asking though – you were asking how you can earn income in the side. Just knowing how to use HTML and CSS and some very basic JS: they aren’t particularly saleable skills on their own. They can help get a job, somewhere where you would be trained. But making income independently – how many people need someone with just those skills? Not many.

Possibly better analogy (though I think the plumbing analogy is fine) would possibly be a accountancy. If you can use a spreadsheet to do financial calculations, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be at all easy to make some money on the side by offering your services whilst you learn the trade.

Re applying for jobs, apply if you feel your skills are reasonable. Look at what employers want, focus on those things. The only way you’re really going to be able to measure if you’re employable is getting feedback from potential employers. Then if you fail you try to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

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