Any style tips?

Long time lurker, first time writer. I’m currently working through the front-end development projects and I’m loving everything! This website has been a great tool and resource. But I don’t really have an eye for style with websites. Most of my projects look really simple and not as appealing as the sample or other peoples projects. Are there any tips yall have for a developer who may lack in the visual design area?


I recommend developing slowly so you can detect any vulnerabilities and errors to come.
this way you can fix them quickly and save yourself working later.
If you are having problems detect those, you can use a program to help you with it.
I tend to use checkmarx so you can try.
Good luck!

For colors I would say to take inspiration from things that exists physically in real life. For example you could easily create a color scheme that matches a view of the beach (skyblue, khaki, yellow). Also, fashion translates really well into web design, strangely enough, since you’re basically “dressing up” your website.

You can also think about how design should be there to subtly lead people’s eyes. For example, a popular trick is to make buttons change to a different shade when you hover over them. This lets users know that they’ve stumbled upon something.

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