Any suggestions or feedback for Survey Form Project

Hello every freeCodeCampers,

I hope you all guys are having a great time.
Well, I just finished my first certificate project from Responsive Web Design Course. I’m looking for some feedback on this project. So please share your valuable feedback and suggest any improvements from my small work. Thanks in advance.

CodePen link:

GitHub link:

If you want to tweak it a bit more, then:

  • Remove the border that appears when an input field is clicked on
  • Remove the arrow from the bottom right corner of the text area, so that it cannot be dragged
  • Add a hover effect to the submit button
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My Survey Form looks better than before because of your valuable feedback. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

My pleasure. This is exactly what I did to make my survey form look more attractive.

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Overall, this looks very good to me. But I think the black color for the header and form background looks a little harsh. If you went with a dark blue, it would tie in better with your background image and should still be readable. I’d probably pick a different color for the submit button too since there’s no red in your image. Maybe the peach from the sky with dark text.

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Hello TurtleQueenCoding,

At first, I would like to apologize for my late reply. I am really grateful to see your feedback and deeply appreciate you sparing your time to help me improve. If you don’t mind, I would like to show you the modified one from my GitHub page. Here is the Survey From from my GitHub page. What do you think about that one?

Thanks for being one helpful part of my learning journey.

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Hey, it looks good to me. I’m a little concerned about readability on the form portion for accessibility reasons. But I’m not the best person to speak to that. If @bbsmooth could look this over, it would help. He was great on giving me advice on my personal portfolio. There are also websites that allow you to check the level of color contrast. I need to remember to use them more myself.

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Thank you for your advise to check for the level of color contrast. I will try it on my project.

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