Any thoughts on my Documentation page?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: Just finished my last project with HTML and CSS for now since I want to learn JS and jQuery at least before I get into my portfolio. Any feedback is much appreciated ! Thank you! Here is the page:

Your page is very responsive :ok_hand:, partly with the support of the same boopstrap. Good compendium, I will add it in my bookmarks :bookmark:. On the other hand, the reference W3Wshools is discontinued, it is not the best recommendation

Thank you. It makes me happy to hear that :slight_smile:
The website itself is not made with bootstrap except for the examples. It was easier to use for the buttons, colors etc. than doing them myself altough I did consider using Bootstrap for the whole page but i was already halfway so I just went with it.
The information about W3Wschools is usefull! I did not know that.