Any thoughts on my stack?

Hello! I just wanted your opinion on something.
I have been “tasked” (that is, I tasked myself for the relative community) to build a new members support portal.

The only starting point I have is a MySQL db, the rest is up for debate. There are some technologies and libraries I’m really fond of, and I was wondering if I could use them together to build something fast, elegant and easy for others to maintain even though they don’t know exactly how to use the libraries. That is:

  • Server-side: NestJS (or Express), JWT for auth, GraphQL and TypeORM for talking to the db
  • Client-side: React (maybe Gatsby), Redux Toolkit (with RTK Query), Carbon as a design system and of course client-side GraphQL.

I want to use Typescript, so I have to compromise on Carbon (since they just released v11 which to this day does not have Typescript support); but about the rest, is it something doable / do I have better options than the ones listed?

I would appreciate any thought on this.

The only thing I’ll throw out there is using nextjs+React+Typescript means throwing out nx as a possible “core-tool”.

Nx can support those 3 out of the box so all three work nearly exactly the same in regards to tooling. Its also designed for monorepo based organizations so it will scale dramatically if your project grows. Most of it might be overkill, but for consistent tooling it might be worth it.

That said the learning curve might be too steep if you know how to handle your own tools and the scope of the project wont get that large.

Just something to think about :smiley:

PS: I use nx for all my projects even though it’s overkill most of the time. The ability to share code between apps on the client-side and server-side for different frameworks, and keeping things consistent is something I really personally like.

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