Any tips for extra study?

I want to do a bit more studying to ensure that I’m absorbing this material. Any suggestions? I thought about using codepen to recreate what I’ve done already. I must mention that I’m very new to this. Any tips would help! Thanks!

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Suggested topics:
Computer Guide:Job ready

CS foundations

CS and WD


Nothing beats actively using the skills.
You can read all day, but a lot of times you won’t know what you read until you encounter the problem.

Take a lot of time to build projects, and let what you isn’t know come to you. It is too stressful chasing knowledge just so you will forget.


Using Codepen is a great idea! I used to write small demos on Codepen for practice. I also like Visual Studio Code for most projects. It’s a free download, and ready to go out of the box for writing javascript. Also, I downloaded free programming ebooks on javascript… it really helps me out. I’ll put some links below.

Syncfusion - great resource for all kinds of free downloadable ebooks! One of my favorites. - another great source for free ebooks

PacktPub - one site I recently found, offers a free ebook every day…I try to focus on getting the javascript ones, although they offer other languages as well.


Thanks for the tips! I’ll have to check those out!

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into it.

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Codecademy finally has a “reset button” to start all over again as a refresher. I’ve finished up the HTML part (less than a day with notes on what I need to focus on for more clarity) and now I’m on CSS skills right now.

And of course I’ll be on the refresher with JavaScript side of it to see how long it takes to go over it again, and any notes I may need to take.

It’s all repetition from here on (with added sets (frameworks)). Like a workout routine.