Any tips or advice for the first day/week/month for a new front end developer?

Hi all!

I just accepted an offer for a front end developer position and start in a little over a week. I’m a self-taught coder coming from a background in fashion design. Does anyone have advice to start out? I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome through the whole process and especially feel it now that I’m finally about to start a new career. I’m expecting it to be a steep learning curve and would love any tips from people who have gone through something similar.

Don’t panic. Ask for help. Take it one day at a time.


This depends a little bit on your new work environment (team size, culture, etc), but I think the best thing you can do is be ultra-communicative. Track and communicate what you’re working on, what you’re stuck on, what ideas you have to get past that block, etc. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Get feedback on what the team’s priorities are and focus on those. Be seen focusing on what needs to get done.

They know they hired a neophyte, so show them that you can work in a team and learn from those who know more. Show that you know what you don’t know and you know what to do about it.