Any way to do it using regular expression?

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I’ve tried solving this problem using regular expression and almost all of the questions are working perfectly, except three. Can someone help me here?

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function mutation(arr) {
//the word
let toSearch=[...arr[0].toLowerCase()].sort().join("");
//the word to be searched
let pattern=[...arr[1].toLowerCase()].sort().join("");
//using regexp to find if it exists or not
let check= new RegExp(pattern,"ig");
let result=check.test(toSearch);
//return the result
return result

mutation(["hello", "hey"]);
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Challenge: Mutations

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The last test is passing in the following array:

[ 'Noel', 'Ole' ]

Your function creates the following variables with that:

check = /elo/gi;
toSearch = elno;

Your function is returning false for this but it should return true. Do you see why?

There might be a way to use pattern matching to solve this but I do not think it is the obvious solution.

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I see. That’s why it was not passing the test even though I thought I’ve written every thing carefully. Thanks

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