Any ways to learn 'Relational Database' without paying Gitpod?

I’m a bit frustreated with usage limit over 500 credits on Gitpod before finished all challenges, I wish I could learn and finish as soon as possible this course…so only way is paying for Gitpod?
Please let me know if you know the way to continue.
Thank you,

Look for another IDE , that offer more free usage limit. Some other alternative of this are Codesandbox, Glitch and

I have been using when my gitpod credits ran out.

You just need to select “import from github” and put in the " Clone this GitHub repo" link

I really appreciate it! it helps me a lot!

Thank you for your help and good information!

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Have you found any solution?
i am stuck with the same problem for over a month now (i am starting to lose hope - thinking about dropping out)

Sorry to hear that, but what I found only way is to pay or wait for the time creadits recharged…good luck