Any1 can help me to solve this?

i want to writ a function that builds a list of strings from user input. First
ask the user to input how many strings they want in their list. Now
use this number in a for loop to ask the user to enter that number of
strings one line at a time to populate the items in your list. Each string
should be added to the list when the user enters it. Finally print your
list. Your program should work for any number of strings that the user
wants to enter.
Here is an example of what the output of your program might look

How many items do you want in your list? 4
Enter string 1: banana
Enter string 2: orange
Enter string 3: apple
Enter string 4: plum
[‘banana’, ‘orange’, ‘apple’, ‘plum’]

What’s your attempted solution so far?

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i think i have explained it. it currently learning it in uni, and its my homework, however im still no idear in my head how to solve it

That’s not a solution, that’s a spec. Basically you’re asking strangers to do your homework for you, without having shown you’ve even attempted it yourself.

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